Advanced Digital Photography – Shooting Outdoors

Course Syllabus and Lesson Planner

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This course is written for 6-12 graders. In this class you will learn what it is like to take photos outside and some new methods to take more professional photos outside. There will be quizzes, projects, and videos to help you learn these new methods.


In this course, there are 5 modules that cover basic and advanced tips and tricks you need to know about all different types of outdoor photography.

  • Module 1 covers the introduction to the course and talks all about how to take outdoor portraits.
  • Module 2 will introduce you to the world of landscape photography.
  • Module 3 is all about wildlife photography and a few easy things you can do to help you improve in that field of photography.
  • Module 4 talks about macro photography and how to set up and use your camera to get the best shots.
  • Module 5 is a special topic module all about shooting silhouettes.

Course Length:   

As an elective course, we recommend one module per week. Therefore, we feel that this course should take approximately 5 weeks to complete all modules, assignments, and leave time to study, and take, the final exam. (See Lesson Plan below)

Course Prerequisites (if applicable):


Course Requirements:    

    Computer– Students must have access to a computer with internet access and an internet browser.  Simply STEM has been successfully tested using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  In addition, we have tested many versions of smart phone/tablet browsers as well.

    Internet Access – Although results may vary, based on connection type and speeds, we have tested our online videos on DSL, Satellite, Cable, and cellular connections.  Our courses cannot be download and require internet access to view them.

Course Grading:  

Grading will be based on quizzes, project uploads, and teacher requirements.

Lesson Plan:
Module 1 – Introduction Week 1
Module 1 – Quiz   Week 1
Module 1 – Project   Week 1
Module 2 – Landscape Photography Week 2
Module 2 – Quiz   Week 2
Module 2 – Project   Week 2
Module 3 – Wildlife Photography   Week 3
Module 3 – Quiz   Week 3
Module 3 – Project   Week 3
Module 4 – Macro Photography   Week 4
Module 4 – Quiz   Week 5
Module 4 – Project   Week 4
Module 5 – Shooting Silhouettes Week 5
Module 5 – Quiz   Week 5
Module 5 – Project   Week 5
Work on/Prepare for Final Project   Week 6
Final Project   Week 6
Study for Final Exam   Week 6
Final Exam Week 6